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A Clip-on Handcycle being used in Moors ValleyClip-on Handcycle

We have 3 Clip-on Handcycles with appropiate wheelchairs. If you have a mobility impairment and can transfer into a conventional wheelchair you can use one of these cycles. They are exceptionally low geared, which makes them suitable for the forest trails, and are the ideal introduction to handcycling.

A Recumbent Handcycle in use.

Recumbent Handcycle

At present we only have 1 Recumbent  Handcycle. This is for the handcyclist who has a little more experience and is a bit braver. It is pacey than the Clip-on Handcycles so it can provide a thrill closer to that of mountain biking. However this excitement comes with a price, it is quite low to ground making transfers in and out more challenging.

A Father and Son using our Trailer Bike.Trailer Bike

Although the user still has their own set of pedals to power the cycle they do not need to steer our Trailer Bike. All of the steering, plus some more of the pedalling, is done by the pilot on the bike in front. This makes this cycle of use to people with visual impairment, some learning disabled people and those that do not have the arm movement to steer a conventional bike.

One of our Adult Trikes


We have 3 adult sized Trikes. If your impairment allows you to have sufficient use of your legs to pedal but doesn't allow you to balance on a conventional bike, one of these could be your solution.

Our Relaxino, semi-recumbent trike being used in Moors Valley.Relaxino

Rapidly become a huge favourite, our semi-recumbent trike, the Relaxino. It offers a more relaxed pedalling position which pleases many. This is for a number of reasons but most people put it down to the fact that it has a seat rather than a saddle.